About Us and Frequently Asked Questions

We are a boutique bakery specializing in Keto treats as well as creating traditional custom cakes for your special occasion. We offer a variety of Signature Cakes in basic buttercream colors and designs that are an affordable option to the more expensive custom cake. Whether you are Keto, on a budget or looking to splurge on that "wow" cake, we have something to offer everyone because we truly believe everyone deserves to have their "Cake and Eat it Too!"

Q... "I can't find your addresses, where are you located?"

A... Unfortunately at this time we are not open to the public. Do not fear though, we work from a commercial kitchen and are commercially licensed and insured.

Q...I am here on vacation, do you deliver to hotels?

A...Deliveries to hotels must be scheduled with us personally before an order is placed.  Strip deliveries are very time consuming and most hotels now charge parking fees, therefore the delivery fee is 35.00.  All strip deliveries must be delivered to you in person, we do not leave items at a bell desk or front desk.

Q... "What are your Keto ingredients and sugars used?"

A... Almost all of our products are made with Almond flour and maybe a little coconut flour. Our sugars are Erythritol, Monkfruit and Allulose but may at times use small amounts of Stevia. We do not EVER use Xylitol in any of our products as they are lethal to animals. And let's face it, even Fido can't resist the smell of our tasty treats. 

Q.... "I have special dietary needs. Do you make dairy free, or nut free Signature Cakes/Keto treats?" 

A.... No.  To make tasty Keto baked goods it's almost impossible to get around not using almond flour. While there are coconut flour recipes, they raise the NC macros making it difficult to provide a true keto treat. We use dairy in all of our products and do not offer any vegan treats. If you are ordering a Signature Cake (non keto) please be aware that our kitchen is heavily nut based. While we do take every precaution to eliminate any cross contamination, there may be specs of almond flour that float in the air that we cannot control. 

Q...Where do I find the macros or ingredients for your baked goods?

A...All of the ingredients and macros are listed with each individual item in the drop down menu.